Jeeni Tech Portfolio

Many representatives of modern business who actively use modern technology are faced with such an important task as choosing a reliable IT partner. Our software house portfolio, place letters and reviews of recommendation from customers on our websites. Demand creates supply, therefore, companies that develop websites, landing pages, online stores or mobile applications.

Jeeni ERP Software

Let us help you grow your business together. Our Jeeni Sales ERP System manages all the Sales, purchase, inventory, accounts so that you can focus on your business more.

Software For Sports

Anadea has an extensive experience in building software solutions to serve each and every aspect of the sports industry - from personal coaching apps to management tools for sport teams, leagues and organizations.


From finance to HR management, ERP and business management software produced in collaboration with our team will help you streamline your workflows and handle the challenges of applying digital transformation to your business.

Real Estate Projects

We design and develop cutting-edge real estate IT solutions tailored to our customersā€™ needs and goals. We work with the industry leaders Zillow and ListingDoor.

Education Projects

Custom eLearning solutions developed by Anadea are targeted towards taking educational experiences to the next level of interactivity and accessibility.

Healthcare Projects

dhering to strict regulatory standards, Anadea develops a comprehensive suite of custom medical software, including EHR, practice management, medical billing, telemedicine and patient engagement applications.

Travel Projects

At Anadea, we work with you to create standing-out solutions for the tourism industry. From custom travel web development to iOS and Android apps, we design, build, test, maintain, and evaluate a product that will make an impact.

Social Networks and Apps

Social networks are now on the rise and in the prime of their diversity. We will help to transfer your unique idea and vision to a social network application that users will love.

Ecommerce Projects

We work for the growth of ecommerce businesses providing custom development, catchy design, ecommerce solution integration with third-party services, migration, support, and extending existing solutions.